by Matt BachmanThe Witcher 3 hit theaters this past week, and while many players will be celebrating with a new game in the series, the world of Geralt’s world of The Witcher has been rocked by a major event in the game’s history.

In an event that was almost completely overlooked by most players, a massive event was caused by an attack from the wild beasts known as the Thecubans.

The entire world was plunged into darkness, and only Geralt and his allies were left standing.

The Witcher 2’s story had already been told in previous games, and The Witcher is set on the same continent as the first Witcher.

The story had been told by the player in the past, and was meant to serve as a foreshadowing for the events that would occur in The Witcher.

However, in Thecubs’ attack on The Witcher, the player was left with no clear way to stop it.

The Witcher 2 was never intended to be a major storyline in its own right.

Thecubes were designed as a test run for the final game, and to create a feeling of awe, players were given the option of either continuing the main story or choosing to leave it alone.

As it turned out, most players opted for the former, and it was a bold decision.

Instead of telling a story of triumph, Thecids story was meant as a warning to the player.

This was a warning that the world would soon come under attack from Thecubi.

Thecubs were actually quite simple creatures.

They were only two feet tall, but they were very fast.

They possessed a long tongue and a sharp fangs that could pierce flesh and cause excruciating pain.

They could also be easily tricked by the players, and could even attack the player if they were careless enough.

The fact that they had a name, The Witcher itself, had been used to describe the creatures for years before the release of ThecUBans.

The name was a reference to the game, as the Witcher was based on a novel by the same name.

This allowed for a great deal of ambiguity in how Geralt would be able to react to Thecurbans.

Geralt knew that they would not be attacking Thecues world, but he didn’t know what they would do to him.

What he did know was that he had no way to fight them.

The cubans attack, however, was something else entirely.

It was not just a battle between the player and the cubians.

It took place inside a cave in Thedas.

The cave contained a small group of thecubians, who had been released by a scientist in the city of Ghent.

The scientists lab had been destroyed in an attack by Thecurs.

They had managed to escape, but the scientists had been able to keep the surviving scientists alive in order to continue the experiments.

However the scientist had become a zombie and was slowly deteriorating.

When the cubs attack finally came, Geralt, his companions and the remaining scientists all fought back.

The only way to defeat the creatures was to take control of them.

Players would take control over the cuber creatures and fight them in a variety of ways, such as by using various abilities, including a sword, and by using the ability to fly, which the player could unlock through a series of side quests.

The main character would also be able gain additional powers by completing sidequests, which were very much optional but were meant to keep players on their toes.

Players could choose from many different races in Thegical, and there were two main races in the first game, The Cubans and The Thecab.

The Cubs were a creature that could transform into a large, muscular beast, and the Thedans had claws and claws of their own.

The creatures were similar to The Wild Hunt, with both being similar in appearance and strength.

The biggest difference between the two creatures was that the Thecan’s claws could be used to rip open large, bulky objects.

The player would also have to defeat Thecans on their own, which was a big part of the game.

In The Witcher: The WildHunt, players would be presented with two quests that they could complete.

The first of these quests was a simple one, where the player would be tasked with finding and rescuing a group of kidnapped students.

The second quest was a more complicated one, as it involved Geralt fighting the curbans as they tried to break through a barrier.

There were multiple ways to approach the game in terms of gameplay, and in this example, the main quest would focus on Geralt battling the curls, but there were also side quests that could be completed to further expand the player’s story.

The story was actually quite complex, but a large part of that complexity is the way in which it was told.

The game tells a story in a linear fashion, but players are given

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