The world’s finest yachters have arrived in the Pacific for a month-long, one-week voyage to Tahiti and Fiji.

A week-long trip, the G-force is the highest ever number of charter vessels that have arrived to Tahitian ports and to the islands since the start of the year.

It is the first time since the 1980s that the number of commercial yachting vessels has surpassed the number that have landed on the Great Barrier Reef.

“This year, the total number of ships is the lowest in over two decades,” said Tom Saffo, chief executive of the Tahiti-Fiji Association, in a statement.

“The arrival of so many ships has been extraordinary, with the arrival of more than 3,000 yachty vessels and the most ever arrival in the Tahitians history, including over 50 yachties, boats and boats of all sizes, including the largest yachted cruise ship in the world.”

The world’s biggest yacht tourThe G-Force’s arrival is a huge boost for Tahitiana’s tourism industry, which has been struggling for a number of years to compete with the rising demand for yachter tours in the tourism industry.

The G.force, the world’s largest yacht tour company, is expected to be a major force in Tahiti’s economy, said Mr Saffos.

“In Tahiti, the tourism sector is the biggest sector in the island and the G.

Force will be a significant contributor to the local economy,” he said.

The first-class G-forces will sail to Tahita, the largest island in the archipelago, on June 23.

“It is very exciting to be here, to experience the great sights and enjoy the lifestyle that the people of Tahiti enjoy,” said Raimundo Tuhui, one of the first captains of the GForce.

The yacht tour includes stops at the most famous beaches of Tahitania and on the largest of the islands, Maui.

“On Maui, we will visit the famous beaches, the historic islands, the beautiful coral reefs and the many islands that are so famous in the country,” he told the ABC.

The captain of the company said the island had become a favourite destination for tourists because of the unique climate and the beauty of the natural environment.

“Maui is like a dream destination,” Mr Tuhiu said.

“There are more than 2,000 species of flora and fauna, and the water is beautiful.”

I’m very excited about Tahiti.

It’s a beautiful island, and people come to see it.

It is a great destination.

“The arrival will be accompanied by a private boat tour of the island, which will take guests on an excursion through the natural world.”

It will be fantastic to see the beauty that we have in this island.””

But this year, it will be for everyone.

It will be fantastic to see the beauty that we have in this island.”

Mr Saffot said the company was also planning to make a special trip to the popular popular reef island of Kauai, which is about 50 kilometres north of Tahitu.

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