New Zealand has one of the world’s highest rates of tourism expenditure.

But for one group of tourists the cost is a big part of the fun.

They are called the esquel, and they’re on a boat to visit the country on their way to the Maldives.

“This is one of my favourite days of my life.

I love being there,” said one of them, who wished to remain anonymous.”

It’s like a mini holiday for me and my family, and we can go anywhere we want, whether it’s the Maldivian island or somewhere else.””

I love going to the beach,” said another.

The esquel group from New Zealand visited the Maldive Islands in November.

Tourism has boomed over the past decade, fuelled by cheap accommodation and easy transport links to the major cities of Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Tourism experts say the boom is driven by the low cost of living and the availability of cheap, reliable transportation links.

New Zealand has a population of more than 15 million, and its economy has grown more than 10 per cent since 2011.

Its tourism industry generates almost $1 billion a year.

It also has a reputation for having a very good sense of humour.

A tourist on a yacht in New Zealand in August 2017.

Photo: RNZ / Andrew MearesTourism Minister Gareth Evans said it was important to keep people in the country, but that was not the point of the trip.

He said a large number of the tourists were coming to the country to do business, and to make a quick profit.

Mr Evans said tourists were making more money from the tourism business than from other industries.

This week, the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand (TIATNZ) and Tourism New Zealand also issued a joint statement about the situation.

TIATNYNZ chief executive, Paul Wilson, said the industry needed to ensure there was a good balance between the economic benefit of the tourist industry and the social benefit of local communities.

“Tourism is not just about a great time on the beach.

It’s also about creating opportunities for people to come and experience our country and our culture, and help support the local economy.””

People want to see our country, and when you see the tourism sector prospering, that is a really important thing for New Zealand.””

It is important that the government has a plan in place to ensure it stays competitive in the future, that we have the resources to support our tourism industry in a sustainable way.”

The Department of Tourism said the cost of the trips had been kept down to a minimum.

“[The tourists] are really passionate about the country and want to share the excitement of New South Wales and the country with them,” said Tourism Minister Gareth Edwards.

[The] cost of these trips have been kept to a very low level.

Tourists have been booked for four to six months, and will be able to book on a first come first served basis, with dates changing every month.

Last year, tourists spent $17 million on these trips.

While the average cost of a trip in New South Zealand is $35,000, the average tourist spends $50 million a year, according to the Tourism Industry Council.

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