A three-person crew can make a million dollar yacht vacation, according to the video of the adventure.

It started with a one-man trip to the Grand Bahama, where he saw the island’s most spectacular octopus.

Then, with a few friends, he visited the Caribbean, where the first octopus he saw was on a yacht that had sailed past.

After the octopuses encounter, he got a closer look and realized he was right: The octopus was the size of a golf ball.

He added another $20,000 for the trip.

And when he returned to Singapore, he made sure to bring a pair of binoculars.

He had to get up close to the creature to get a better view.

Afterward, he tried a different approach: He went with his girlfriend, who wanted to see the sea as well.

She had been to the ocean before and said she had never seen an octopus that big.

So he put his two binocular units together and started looking for octopi.

The first one he found was not big enough for him to take down.

So, he grabbed a second and another and a third and brought the total to 15 octopis.

After that, he started to feel bad.

The octopises looked so small, he didn’t know if they could fit inside the boat.

He had to make sure he didn, too, and he went back to the Philippines.

That’s where he learned about the octopes’ natural camouflage.

He found that the octo-doll is camouflaged by algae in the water.

This is the camouflage pattern he found in the Philippine ocean.

It was the same color pattern that octopodes in the Caribbean use.

In Singapore, however, he was able to get more pictures and videos of the octopluses’ true size.

So he decided to try to find a way to take pictures of the creatures while they were alive.

He spent $30,000 on a camera that he bought on eBay.

But after getting all the necessary permits and being photographed for several hours, he realized he had only about a dozen photos left.

So, he had to start looking for other ways to take photos.

In the end, he hired a professional photographer to take all of the photos, including one of a live octopus in a container.

It took about a month for the images to be released, which was the only way to see a true size of the animals.

To see more videos of this trip, click here

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