Posted April 03, 2019 06:18:38For many, a yacht tour is the ultimate in luxury, a day trip to exotic beaches, private islands and the like.

But for many others, the dream of getting a yacht for $500 and a day on the water are just too big to realistically attain. 

Kemah, a popular yacht tour company, is currently trying to change that.

The company has released a video series, The Nemo, which offers a simple yet highly entertaining, yet very affordable way to get to the big time.

“The Nemo is a way for the world’s most passionate yacht tour companies to get out there and enjoy the adventure of visiting some of the most spectacular places on the planet,” Kemah’s managing director Peter Smith said.

“As a global company, Kemah has the power to inspire people all over the world to discover the world of adventure.”

Read more of the article in ABC News.

The Nemos yacht tour series, which is currently running on Netflix, is an example of how the internet is spreading around the world.

In the series, a boat is being pulled by two guides, each with their own story, as they go on a boat tour through the Bahamas, Cuba, New Zealand and Europe.

The boat’s owners and guides share a unique story and experience while they tour, from their personal experiences to the wonders of the Caribbean.

“We’re very excited to be part of the journey of this incredible adventure and to share it with you all,” Smith said in a statement.

“As we start the Nemo’s journey, we are hoping to inspire others to take up the challenge of sailing around the globe with us.”

The Nemocares video series also includes the following videos.

“On this trip, we met a group of beautiful people, each a unique part of their personalities,” said one guide in the video, which was posted on YouTube by The Nemos boat company.

Their story is as interesting and inspiring as the water, so it was great to share their story and share that with them.”””

They shared their experiences and we got to see their amazing stories and we shared their stories with them as well.”

Their story is as interesting and inspiring as the water, so it was great to share their story and share that with them.””

When we left the island of St Thomas, the Nemocare guides were very surprised to find a group waiting for them on the shore to ask us for help.

“”It was quite surreal to have them waiting for us on the other side of the island, to say the least.

“Our guides had been out on the boat, so they were very excited for us to join them for the trip.”

“The first few weeks, the boat wasn’t as busy as it could be, but it’s been so much fun, we could barely hold on to our joy.”

The Nemoes boat tour video series is available on Netflix for $100 a day.

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