When the cruise ship “The Honeymoon” is about to dock in Vienna for the third time in a year, the first stops are in Spain.

But this time, the U,S.

has offered a unique way to support the project, using the cruise’s license to pay for a $1.6 million U.K. trip aboard a luxury yacht named “The Queen.”

The $1,918,000 cruise ship was built for the Spanish government, and was used to travel around the country in search of potential tourists.

A Spanish government source tells CBS News that the cruise vessel was given a license to cruise the country and was to pay $2.4 million to the U to make the trip.

The U.k. government also paid to build a helicopter that would ferry the cruise liner to its final destination.

The cruise ship and yacht tour ship were commissioned in July 2015 by the U.-K.

government to celebrate the first anniversary of the creation of the EU, and the Queen’s visit was one of the highlights of the trip, according to a statement from the U-K.

The cruise ship sailed through the Caribbean Sea, and then it took on the Mediterranean Sea, before sailing back to Spain.

It is now the second trip of the cruise to Spain since then.

The Queen, a luxury liner, is named after the Queen of Spain.

The ship has a capacity of 2,300 passengers, and includes a spa, an infinity pool, restaurants, a spa bar, a helipad, a hotel, a dining room, a club and bar, and a gym.

The Queen is the largest cruise ship ever built in the world, and will make its maiden voyage on May 29 in the Caribbean.

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