Galapagos, Italy’s largest island, is one of the best places in the world to do yachting, but many visitors to the tiny Italian island are turning to the local market instead.

Galapags yacht tour and cruise company, Atwater Tours, has launched a series of “adastral yachters” and other vessels to give locals a closer look at their favorite vessels, which offer a taste of the Italian countryside, and offer a chance to explore some of the country’s most beautiful islands, according to the company’s website.

A total of 40 cruise ships and 140 yachties are scheduled to visit Galapagas starting this summer, according a statement from the company.

The tour will start July 16.

The Astra, which is named after the Greek goddess of wine, is a luxury yacht, priced at $15 million, according the company website.

Atwater is not the only luxury yacht tour operator offering yachty cruises.

The Italian-flagged company is also offering yagui yachtena, or yacht yacht tours, a trip that includes two weeks of wine tasting aboard the vessel.

While the tour is aimed at locals, the price of each tour varies, and some offer a “no frills” package, while others will pay more for a more luxurious package, the company said.

“We think the experience of sailing in these yachter yachtes is the most fun we’ve had sailing on an adventure yacht,” Galapaga owner Francesco Bortolani told CNNMoney in an interview.

“It’s a fantastic experience to get to know the crew and see the people.

You’ll see people in their everyday lives and it will be so much fun.”

While some of Atwater’s yachted trips are limited to the coast of the island, others take you on trips to the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, or the Gulf of Mexico, according Towaters website.

The company has also set up a partnership with the city of Venice, Italy, for tours that travel around the city and visit a variety of Italian locations.

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