Sailors have taken a day’s sailing from Italy to CAGLIARI, in the Sardinia-Greece border, to experience the island’s beaches and the sea.

The two-day tour is part of the Mare Nostrum-sponsored Grand Finale event, which is aimed at making CAGLOI “a new destination for the international community”.

Tour guides said the boat’s captain, Gennaro Lippi, was an experienced sailor and had sailed a number of marques.

He said the journey would be enjoyable for all, but would be especially exciting for his three children.

“They will also enjoy the beautiful weather of the day, the beautiful scenery and the delicious foods of the restaurant on board,” the guide said.

“The tour will take approximately 45-50 minutes from the Caglio-Sardinia border to Carga.

This is a very short time and it’s the perfect opportunity for them to experience some of the beaches of Caglia, including the beautiful island of Cargai.”

Mare Nostrum has sponsored the tour, which began on January 31 and will end on March 2.

It will cost about 15,000 euros ($17,400), with the rest of the costs borne by the ship’s owner, Lippi.

He told Reuters news agency: “It’s a great adventure and a great experience for us, the family, the crew, the passengers, all the passengers and the crew and crew members, especially the kids.”

The Sardinian coast is famous for its beaches, including Ponte Vecchio and Capri, which are popular tourist destinations.

The Italian cruise line Mare Nostra is owned by the Italian government, which also owns the ship.

Mare, or “Maurice” in Italian, is an abbreviation for “Made in Italy”, which means its products are made in the country.

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