Phukets most famous boat, Phukethong, is the longest continuously sailing yacht in Thailand. 

It has a maximum cruising speed of around 160 knots. 

The boat has a total of 10 crew members, and has a capacity of just over 4,000 passengers. 

Its owner is Chaowak Sukhumvit, a retired former air force officer, who also owns a private yacht called Chamchawat. 

When I spoke to Chaowak about the boat, he said that he is not the most wealthy person in Phukan. 

But the boat is a luxury yacht. 

According to the government website, Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and the second largest in Southeast Asia after Malacca. 

So it is easy to see why Chaowek wants to make this boat into a tourist attraction. 

Chaumchamat is the name of a river in Thailand, and the Phukat river is one of the largest in the world. 

In the north-eastern region of Thailand, it is the largest waterway. 

As the Phaket river flows across the entire country, it makes for a beautiful sight and it is the place where many people see the sunrise. 

Although Phuktas coastline is not completely flat, it does feature large hills, mountains and deep ravines. 

Some parts of Phukkit are famous for their beautiful beaches, and many visitors spend several nights at Phuknam Beach, the largest beach in Phanerpong. 

A small town called Phukhayam is just 30 minutes from Phukchong.

The town is located in Phaner-Phaket province, and is known for its rich culture. 

You can t find any tourists or tourists-only restaurants in Phankong-Chamnam district. 

This is a small city with a population of just 10,000 people, which makes it a little small to be a tourist destination. 

On the other hand, Phankongs most famous tourist attraction is Phamchayam. 

 Phankongs beach is the second most popular tourist destination after the beach in Chumchayak. 

There are many beautiful beaches in Phamchayaan, which are known as Dong-chay, the name given to the small peninsula that lies just 30km from Phankowong.

The beach in the village of Phangayayat is considered to be the best in Thailand due to its pristine surroundings and large number of swimming pools. 

Phayapong is a beautiful coastal town with a lot of mountains, but it is also one of Thailand’s most famous resorts, with more than 200 golf courses, hotels and restaurants. 

Thailand is a country of islands and it is rare to find a beautiful coastline in a country with so many islands. 

Many people have lived here for generations, and it would be nice to visit some of these islands for a while. 

My favourite tourist attractions are the Phanaket and Phanket-Phamnath islands.

Both of these are home to huge shelters and resorts. 

While Changnam is also home to several islands, it has a much smaller population. 

I have visited Phamnakay, a gorgeous island surrounded by mountains. 

Prajang Nong, another island, has some beautiful beaches. 

Nong Phan, another island near Phanhay, is home to the largest coral reef in the country. 

At Phanpong is the best place to watch a sunset. 

If you are interested in the islands and the ocean, then you can also visit Phamkong, a small island just 50km from Phanyang. 

Like Phankan, Phankong is the only island in Thailand that is completely free of traffic. 

Visitors can go on a lodging cruise for a couple of hours, and there are many hotels available, including Budget hotels. 

Tourism in Thailand is not only about sightseeing and shopping, but also about a lot more. 

From Phankoong in Chanthipet province is a place where you can visit a large number of islands.

You can also visits a number of smaller islands, which are popular for people to stay in. 

These islands are called Phanaan, and are home to several beautifully built garden homes. 

They are called 

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