Smaller and cheaper than the popular cruise ships, yacht tours and yachts are now available to travelers on the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar.

These are the worlds first yachting tours, and are designed to be accessible by those who may be new to the island nation.

These luxury, luxury-style tours are offered by a local company, Sardi Adventures.

They are a part of a growing list of luxury yachters and yahoos, who have been sailing around the world in luxury yaches, like the luxury yacht tours of Lisbon, Portugal.

A small fleet of luxury boats are also available for hire to those interested in traveling to Madagascar.

Sardi Adventures offers tours in the French Polynesian and Malagasy Islands, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the Solomon Islands.

These yachter tours are available in both the French and Malay languages.

Tour groups are expected to book their trips around September 1st and depart from Port-au-Prince, a port city in central Madagascar, the first stop on the trip.

There is also a port of call in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The yacht tours are priced at $25 per person and include accommodation, food, snacks, drinks and more.

It is estimated that these luxury yacht trips cost $100 per person per day, but with the price of tourism going up, that figure could be even higher.

The prices on the yacht tours can be found here and here.

Sardinia has also been a popular destination for luxury yacasts and yacht tours.

The country has been hosting yachties for over two decades.

The largest yacht tour in the world, Sardinia yachty tours are operated by the company, Sardinian Yachty Tours.

They have also offered luxury yacht rentals for those interested to explore Sardinia.

The company also offers yacht tours in India and the Philippines.

These tours are a portion of a planned tour of India.

Sarkis yachtes have been sold for a variety of prices in various parts of the world.

The highest priced yacht tour on offer is the “Bridgetown” yachted yacht tour by the yacht company, The Yacht Company, from New York to Cape Town, South Africa.

The cruise ship, the Yacht Yacht of England, is also available in New York.

The ship is currently on its maiden voyage to the Caribbean and is scheduled to sail from San Francisco to Port Royal, Haiti.

The Yacht of England is scheduled for completion in 2020.

The Yacht Club of Southern Africa has also become a popular option for luxury yacht rental.

It has been a part-time and full-time service for several years, and now offers luxury yacht tour and yacht rentals in many of the Southern African countries.

The tours are scheduled to depart from Cape Town in 2018 and continue to the islands off the coast of South Africa, where they are expected arrive by the end of 2020.

These yacht tours cost a total of $25 each and are booked at the Yachts Club of the South Africa of Cape Town.

The boat is scheduled at the end to sail to South Africa and then return to the United States.

The tour is scheduled with a cruise vessel.

It can be booked online or by calling the yacht club at +28(0)6 478 1094.

It costs $50 per person, with a minimum of one guest, and includes breakfast, drinks, meals and entertainment.

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