There’s no better way to take advantage of a week of Caribbean cruises than to charter a yacht.

Here’s what you need to know.


You can book online with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Culture (BMTC) or via phone.

If you’re going on the royal family, there are no fees.


A charter from the Bahamas can take up to 10 days to complete.


The Bahamas Ministry also offers chartering services.


A private tour of the Bahamas usually starts in January.

The charter fee is $1,000 and includes the queen, the captain, a crew and a crew of five.


If your itinerary includes one or more of the following activities, you’re eligible for a refund of up to 30% of the cost of your itineraries: 1.

Visiting an art gallery 2.

Going on an excursion to the Caribbean 3.

Taking a private charter from another Caribbean island 4.

Travelling as a member of a group of up of three or more people 5.

A cruise to visit an island with no boats.


Bona fide holiday packages and a complimentary meal on board are also available.


The royal family is often a big draw.

A typical trip can cost from $200 to $1.6 million.


A tour can be booked for up to three months in advance.


Private chartering is free and can take place at any time of year.


The island’s tourism office is open on weekends and holidays.


The average cost of a tour is $3,500 per person.


The government offers a number of programs to support people wishing to travel abroad.

These include free trips to Caribbean countries, including Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico, as well as a number, like the Bahamas and Guadelof Islands, that offer free flights.


The Ministry of Culture provides free transportation on all international flights.


You will have to book online to reserve your cruise.

It takes between seven and nine days to book and take the boat.


There are some restrictions.

For example, a vessel must be in the Caribbean, and it must be booked by March 31.


The Bahamian government requires you to use a passport, which you can do online.


You’ll have to pay a fee of $300.


There is a minimum age for chartering and a maximum of five crew members per boat.


You must use a boat that is registered in your country of residence.


The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line operates from the port of Port Royal in Saint John, N.B. 21.

You need to book a minimum of 30 days in advance to charter your yacht.

It’s possible to book months in the future, but not in 2019.


It costs $1:1,400 to charter.


You cannot book a charter for a family.


You have to travel with two crew members, one of whom is the captain.


You should consider a cruise that includes at least two nights of accommodation.


You won’t be allowed to take food or beverages onboard.


The crew must be 18 years of age and older.


The boat must be equipped with a life jacket.


The Queen will not board your yacht and will not allow guests on board to be 18 or older.


The vessel must have a minimum crew of six.


Your charter may include a maximum length of one hour and 50 minutes.


There’s a maximum age for visiting the island.


It is illegal to enter the Bahamas from any other Caribbean island.


The yacht tour can take a maximum time of two weeks.


The Caribbean island’s official language is Spanish.


There will be a minimum fee of US$7,000 for a private tour.


The ship will cost $2,000 per person, plus $1 for each additional person, which includes food and beverage.


The minimum length of your charter is 45 minutes.


There can be no alcohol onboard.


The cruise company is not required to provide a certificate of insurance, as long as you meet all other requirements.


There may be no food onboard.


The maximum number of people aboard the ship is eight.


The company will not be responsible for damages to the vessel.


You’re not allowed to eat on board the boat while it’s on the water.

The food on board will be provided by the Royal Caribbean Cruises.


The length of the cruise depends on the size of the ship.

For the smaller vessels, it can be up to two days, but it can take longer for the larger vessels.


You may bring along up to six people, which means you’ll need to purchase your own food

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