The “Gangnam Style” singer and pop star AlyssA Milano, Justin Bieber and their entourage are taking their Caribbean adventure to the Bahamas.

On Saturday, Milano will take part in a private yacht tour with her brother and her mother.

Her trip to the island will be part of her “Gentleman’s Weekend” tour, a promotional effort for the “Ginger-infused” album that was released on Nov. 4.

The “Ganger” singer-songwriter will be joined by her sister and her fiancé.

Milano’s sister, Danni, is set to join her husband of two years, Chris, in the yacht.

“I want to make sure we’re in the right place for all the great things going on in the world,” Milano said in a statement.

“This is my favorite time of the year, and it’s been a real life-changing experience to see the people I love and work with on this journey.

The island is so beautiful and we are so lucky to have such a wonderful people and a fantastic island to call home.”

The tour will take place at a private resort called St. Lucia.

It is part of Milanos “Gone with the Wind” film series and has been dubbed the “Bachelor” tour.

Milano’s new “Gugelmutter” album, which is out Nov. 25, is the fourth album from her Grammy-winning group.

She has been on the road touring since 2014.

The new album is also the first of her solo studio projects.

She released the debut album “Grenade” in January.

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