A cruise vessel tour through Europe in 90 day, sailing around the Mediterranean Sea and passing through the city of Nice and the city where the French Revolution was fought, is the kind of voyage that has to be seen to be believed.

The journey from Nice to the French Riviera is the biggest and most expensive on record for a private cruise, and it was launched this week in a bid to help young people see the island’s past and explore the future of tourism.

The cruise was launched on the eve of a major French presidential election, which the party has pledged to win if it wins the presidency in May.

The cruise is one of the few in the world to take a voyage through the Mediterranean and a few months before the election, the government is to launch a bid for the rights to the cruise, which is the country’s longest-running and most prestigious tourist event.

Its been called “a chance to live in the past” and it’s about bringing people back to the past to see things from a more contemporary perspective, said Alain Levasseur, one of those on board.

He is a former president of the French Polynesia Association, which has organised the trip for more than 20 years.

“It’s a way of bringing people out of their comfort zone, and we’ve seen the way things are changing,” Mr Levaseur said.

It’s not just a trip to see the French side of the island.

The trip has been the subject of controversy in recent years as the government tries to crack down on people smuggling, the illegal trade of endangered species and the illegal dumping of goods.

Mr Levasieres father was one of several to be killed during a gun battle between a group of smugglers who tried to steal his boat.

Last month, a French court upheld a ruling that had blocked the launch of the cruise for the second time in six years, ruling that the government was trying to push ahead with the event despite opposition from environmental groups and locals.

After a yearlong investigation, the state commission on tourism said it had no grounds to deny the licence.

But the new commission, which was created in April, said the government had not fulfilled its obligations under French law by issuing the licence to the company.

There is a lot of political pressure from the French government, which sees the cruise as a symbol of the countrys efforts to revive tourism after a period of economic decline and is concerned about its impact on the economy.

For the last six years there has been a debate over whether the cruise should be launched, with some arguing that it would be dangerous to let people into the country by boat, and others saying it should not be allowed to go ahead.

In November, Mr Levanisseur told the Paris-based La Presse newspaper he would fight to get the cruise off the island, saying it would hurt the tourism industry and “make the people feel like they are living in a foreign land”.

“I have no illusions that it will work,” he said.

“But I’m sure we’ll get it.”

The government said it planned to put a moratorium on the sale of tourism services, such as cruises and tours, until it has a better understanding of the risks of people smuggling.

Tourism Minister Pierre Moscovici said the ban would also apply to the use of boats for private or recreational use.

And he warned that anyone caught using boats for commercial purposes would be liable to prosecution.

France is among a number of countries that have recently tightened their rules on people-smuggling after a series of incidents.

A French court last month said the cruise ship, which had sailed to Nice from Brest in northern France, could not go ahead after an investigation found that the crew had breached the terms of the licence by illegally dumping a cargo of endangered animals.

According to France’s foreign ministry, the ship had left Brest for Nice on March 27, but was intercepted by French customs officials on March 30.

At the time, the cruise company said the illegal dump was a breach of French law and that it had lodged a formal complaint with authorities.

That decision was later overturned and the cruise crew was ordered to return to Brest.

The cruise company, which last year launched a cruise to the Greek island of Lesbos, was fined €100,000 by the French customs authorities and had to pay back the money.

The company has said it has received support from the European Union and has had a number and even dozens of calls from French authorities, but it has so far not been able to secure the necessary permits to start the cruise.

During a hearing in France’s National Assembly, an opposition lawmaker called on the government to ban the cruise altogether.

“We have no choice but to ban it.

This is a very risky thing, and if it doesn’t work, it will

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