The Maldives, the capital of the Indian Ocean nation of nearly 1.2 million, is getting a taste of what the UK has to offer when it hosts a multi-day mega-yacht tour on its famed island.

It’s a trip that will leave many tourists looking at the country’s vast coastline in awe.

And what a spectacular view it will offer.

The tour will take in a range of spectacular beaches, including one called Nanga Parbat, located on the island’s north coast, which is the world’s largest.

“It is one of the most beautiful beaches on earth, with a clear water, beautiful waterfalls, beautiful beaches and beautiful turquoise waters,” said David Clements, president of the British Association of Surfing Cruisers.

According to the BASC, it is one the “top five beaches in the world” when it comes to sand, ice and waves.

But the real highlight of the trip is the “very high” view from the island.

The islands world-famous beaches, known as Nanga Pratam, Nanga Patan, Naga Parbat and Nanga Bhatam, are on a scale of 10 to 10.5, which means the waves are reaching the height of 8 metres (20 feet) and can be seen for up to 20 minutes.

This is all thanks to the waves crashing on the islands natural shoreline, said Clements.

Maldives is famous for its natural coastline, where it is the third-largest in the Indian and Pacific Oceans after Japan and South Korea.

A trip to Nanga Pirandello, an archipelago on the northwest tip of the Maldive archipelagic archipelatic chain, is also one of its highlights.

In addition to the natural beaches, visitors will also be able to enjoy spectacular underwater scenery, like the Nanga Perdana, a 10.2 kilometre-long (5.3 miles) narrow and sandy promontory that stretches for thousands of metres (yards).

“The Nanga Pierana is a magnificent promontories, with beautiful views and the best in the Maldivian archipelagos,” said Clement.

For the tour, guests will also enjoy exploring the Maldisays famous and pristine beaches, such as Naga Kurnia, Nangangir, Nango Parbat or Nanga Bhut, as well as Nanganah Bay.

One of the highlights of the visit will be the “biggest” and “fantastic” sightseeing cruise of the season, which will take place in the early hours of Wednesday, May 19, when the boat, dubbed the Blue Whale, will set sail for Nanga Nika.

Visitors will have to make an overnight stopover at the city of Kew in the south of the island, where they will enjoy a tour of the city’s historic districts.

The tour is expected to be the biggest ever in the country.

There are plans to hold the tour in the capital, the Maldi, and it is hoped to reach as many as 40,000 people.

With a population of around 6.8 million, the country has a strong tourist industry, which was helped by the tourism-friendly policies of British Prime Minister David Cameron and his government.

Tourism is also being encouraged in the islands capital, as the island is expected by the British to become a hub for tourism in the coming years.

After taking in the spectacular view, guests are expected to head to the tourist sites, such the tourist shops, restaurants and hotels, which are all located in the surrounding areas, which have been designated as areas of special interest.

The Blue Whale is scheduled to depart the Maldifai port in June.

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