The ‘Tulip’ has a story.

A tiger named Rizal is the story.

A couple named Haryana and Uttarakhand are the stories.

An Indian-owned company called Alok Ltd.

has the story, according to the company.

The Tiger’s stories are often about a family with a tiger as their son, or even a tiger that is the son of an Indian man and a woman.

They can be about how a tiger was taken by the Chinese in the 19th century, and then the family sold it, or how it has been raised for the last hundred years by humans in a zoo, or about how the tiger’s owner died of natural causes.

In one story, the Tiger has become a dog.

In another, a tiger is the mother of a man and wife, who live in the Himalayas, and are trying to raise the dog, in the same way that their husband and daughter have raised their two daughters.

In yet another, the tiger has become an animal, which is why a couple is raising a lion.

The stories about tigers are very popular.

In recent years, the Chinese have imported tigers, and the Indian government is trying to import more.

A tiger named Mungai was imported in 2007, and a tiger named Thulip was imported a few years later.

The tiger’s story is part of a broader theme of Indian-Chinese relations that has been bubbling for more than a decade.

The Indian government has said that India is a part of the world’s tiger trade, but in recent years it has not been clear what that means.

For years, China has been trying to assert its claims to the Himalayan region.

Last year, it sent a team to visit the disputed Doklam area in the region.

And India has been accused of failing to take adequate action in that area.

India has also complained about the presence of Chinese tourists at tourist spots in its own northeastern state of Manipur.

India also has a large tiger population in the western state of Assam, where its government has set up a wildlife park to preserve tigers there.

But the Chinese government has denied any such presence in the country, and it is unclear whether the tiger stories are part of its larger strategy to expand its influence in the South Asian region.

In recent years the Chinese, in turn, have accused India of being too slow to take action to control illegal wildlife trade, a charge that has come to define Indian-China relations.

India and China have also battled over the issue of control over tiger populations, which China has claimed is a threat to its own species.

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