Toronto, Canada — A few weeks ago, I was invited to spend a few days in Maui with my family. 

I got to meet Maui’s famous moai-style villages, watch the spectacular sunrise and sea  and get to explore some of the city’s best spots, like the beautiful old ruins of the ancient city of Kukui. 

I got to spend the weekend with the Maui Tourism Authority, a nonprofit that manages the island’s tourism. 

“The whole experience was pretty amazing,” said Maui resident and local tour guide, Mary, a self-described “frequent visitor” who also has a family.

“I think the best part was the moai experience.

The fact that it was such a peaceful place, it was so calm and peaceful, and I was able to see the sun rise, and see the sunrise.”

Mary was one of the Mauinas who got the chance to spend some time with me and my family at the Grand Maui Hotel, which sits atop a hill on the island.

The Grand Mauu is a place that can only be reached by boat, and the cost is $20.50 a person.

It’s a great deal for a weekend.

It was the perfect place to visit Maui, and Mary and I had to plan ahead a bit.

The Grand Mauis boat trip cost $60 for a one-day stay, which included food and drinks.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a line of Maui tourists, many of whom were wearing Maui T-shirts.

I was wearing one that said, “The Maui Tour Guide,” with my photo of myself, Mary and a Maui villager.

Mary told me that the Mauilans wear T-shirt because they think tourists can’t handle a shirt without a picture of themselves. 

After the boat ride, I went on a guided tour of the Grand Mausoleum, a huge complex of ancient temples that houses some of Mauin’s most important buildings. 

It’s not just about the monuments.

The temple complex also houses a beautiful moai village.

The Grand Mauseoleum is on the west side of the island, overlooking the ocean.

It is surrounded by the old village of Kuka, where the Mauinis first arrived.

I spent about a half-hour in the old Kuka village. 

In a small square, we visited the Mausolaus Museum, where we were welcomed by a group of Mauis wearing shirts that read, “Moai Tour Guide.” 

The Moai Museum has an interesting collection of Mauina artifacts.

Maui residents like Mary and me are among the Mauini people who have visited the site for more than a century.

I asked Mary if the Mauis had any idea who had brought me here.

“No one knows,” she said. 

The museum has a variety of souvenirs, including souvenirs of the Moai, including a souvenir bracelet and a necklace that Mary says is made from Moai bones.

The bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is part of a collection that Mary and other Maui visitors collect.

The necklace is a necklace with a piece from the neck of a Mauin woman who lived a hundred years ago.

Mary said that these Mauin women are buried in the temple complex and are buried separately.

Mary said that people in Mauiland don’t really like to talk about the Moae because they consider it sacred.

They don’t believe in any gods, and don’t even like talking about Moae in general. 

Mary said she would rather people just be respectful of their ancestors, and not take offense to anything that they say or do.

Mary also had a question for me: “What do you think about the Mauina?”

Mary said the Mauins view of Moai is not negative, but that they don’t think they should be worshipped in any way.

“We’re not looking to become gods, we’re looking to be human beings and to enjoy life,” she explained.

“That’s what our culture is all about.”

Mary said Mauis have a very close relationship with their ancestors and the Moa-Maae people.

“It’s very important to understand that the Moas are not gods,” Mary said.

“They’re not even really human.

They are an important part of our culture.”

Mauin beliefs are very different from those of other Polynesian people.

The Mauis believe that the spirits of their dead ancestors came back to Earth, but did not return to life.

When Mauis first arrived on Maui in the early 1900s, their culture and religion were very different.

In their traditional culture, the dead were buried with the dead.

They were believed to be living spirits that came back from their earthly deaths

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