A full bar is an area on a yacht where guests can enjoy a cocktail, enjoy food, drink a beer, and be entertained by music.

A full-bar is not a yacht bar.

The only way to find out if you have a full-bars on a Yachting tour is to check the bar code.

If you do not see the barcode on the bar, you do have the option of waiting for your boat to arrive and checking the bar.

You can either wait in the waiting area or wait in line outside the bar for your yacht to arrive.

Some of the more popular bars are:The Pint, located at 1 Pier, St. Petersburg, Florida, is the only full bar on the boat.

The Tenderloin, located in Tampico, Florida is the best full bar.

A few bars in St. Pete are also full, including the Lazy Boy Tavern, at the Marina at Westgate and the RiverWalk Bar, at Lakeview and Lake St. Paul.

In addition to full bars, there are also several other amenities such as:• A private bar area with a private dance floor for a fee of $75 per person• A separate restaurant, which is open to the public for a $60 per person minimum order of food• A bar where you can watch a live concert, including a concert from a band you like• A full, private bar with a full bar area for a cost of $25 per person.• A limited menu of food and drink on the main deck of the boat, which can be reserved by calling 866-977-8787.• Two-hour wait for a reservation, depending on when you call.• An extra fee for two hours for an extra private bar.• Additional bar-service charge.• No alcohol is served on the boats.

A Full Bar on a Seagoing boat can be found on the Yachts Sail Show website and the Seagoings website.

Yachts sail shows are an important part of the yacht industry.

They help promote the sport and provide a chance for young people to connect with the sea and the yachts they want to explore.

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