As it turns out, the world’s most expensive yacht tour company, Malibu Yachts, has just started up a website and social media platforms for its luxury yacht tours, which will make it easier for customers to get their hands on a yacht.

The company has already secured a US$2 billion loan from China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange and will need to raise another US$500 million in a US government-backed financing round to continue operating.

The firm also announced the launch of a new website for the first time, which provides an overview of the most popular yacht tours available worldwide, as well as the price, the types of accommodation and other details.

The new website was launched on Monday, with more information on its launch and more information about the loan coming on Wednesday.

“The new website will be fully operational within one year, and we have a very strong plan to expand the site in the next six months,” said Simon Wills, chief executive of the Malibou yacht tour group, which is based in the Bahamas.

“Our main goal is to expand further in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, and the new website is the latest step in that direction.”

The company said the new site will provide a more detailed overview of its itineraries, and it will help customers find the right location for a yacht tour.

For example, if they are travelling to a cruise ship, they can find a more specific itinerary to the ship, with details of accommodation, meals and so on.

It will also allow customers to check the availability of the boats in the area.

“We are confident that the new Malibu yachts will be a great complement to our existing website and the tour experience,” said Wills.

“It is a very easy way for our customers to discover what’s on offer and what they are getting in return.”

“Our guests are extremely impressed by the value of this new website,” said Kristian Kapp, chief marketing officer at the company.

“They are now able to easily find the best places to tour our boats, and have a better idea of what’s available.

The tour will also help to promote our brand in the global marketplace.”

The new site also will allow customers the option to pay the hotel fee for a boat trip on the website.

“All of our guests can now make their choice about the type of accommodation that will suit them best, with a list of all of the accommodation options available and prices,” said Kapp.

“Customers can also compare the different boats, including the latest models.”

The Malibu tour company said its goal is “to create a comprehensive guide that helps all our guests to discover the best way to experience Malibu’s spectacular natural wonders”.

The company’s first tour, scheduled to take place in 2019, will be called Malibu at Sea, and will involve sailing the Malabar Islands and visiting beaches in the Biscayne Bay, the Bahamas and the Pacific Ocean.

The trip will also take place on private boats owned by the Malagas.

“Malibu at Seas” will be part of the new annual Malibu Cruise Line’s “Discovery” line of vessels, which are also being launched on Thursday.

The Discovery line will feature the first-ever voyage to the Grand Banks of the Bahamas, a stretch of ocean where the world record for fastest boat trip, taking nearly 7,000 miles (11,000 kilometers), is set.

“This is one of our highest-grossing voyages yet, with over 2,200 passengers aboard,” said a statement from the Malinofry boat line, which owns the Malago yacht.

“For us, this is an opportunity to continue expanding our line of boats and explore new routes around the world.”

A Malibu Sea tour from Biscay to the Caribbean will be launched in 2019 The next edition of the Discovery line is planned for 2021, when the company plans to launch the world-record-breaking Malibu-Seal Caribbean Cruise Line.

The first ship will be the $1.9 million Biscaya, a superyacht owned by Kapp and which will travel the Caribbean between the Bahamas to the northern tip of Florida.

The ship will travel for more than six months between two destinations, and Kapp said the voyage will be “unique” and “very, very special”.

“The ocean is so beautiful, it’s amazing to see the reef break, and you can see everything,” he said.

You will see it from the sky, because it’s beautiful from the sea.” “

You will not see the ocean from the deck, because there’s only the reef and the waves.

You will see it from the sky, because it’s beautiful from the sea.”

Kapp added that the Biska Sea, the only other part of Biscays archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, will also be visited by the new line.

“Every one of these voyages is

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