The Maldives has long been a favorite destination for foreign tourists.

Many foreign cruise ships have been docking in the country, making it an ideal destination for the occasional foreign traveler.

But this week, a new boat will be docked in the Maldives and, as expected, many foreign cruise ship owners are eager to see it.

The Maldive Daily News reports that two of the four vessels in the current itinerary, the MV-10, and the MV Chantal, will be taking part in the annual international boat show, the International Small Boat Festival, which runs from May 15-19.

The event is a popular tourist event for the Maldivian public.

In addition to the two boats, a yacht will be on hand to take photos with guests and the local fishermen, as well as the fishermen’s wives and families, who are invited to participate in the show.

The show also features a boat show by the Maldive government, which is a highlight of the International Maritime Show.

The two boats will be accompanied by a small group of foreign cruise line operators, who will be able to take pictures and offer advice to guests.

“The International Small Vessel Festival is a big event in the whole country,” said Ali Haddad, head of the tourism department of the Maldivist Government.

“They are bringing together the world’s best and brightest, as a way to bring our visitors together and connect with them and make them feel welcome.

The boat show is an opportunity to showcase our nation’s hospitality to our international guests, to showcase the beauty of the island, and to encourage the tourists to make the best of the opportunity we offer.”

The International Smallboat Festival is hosted every four years by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and in 2018, there will be a boat and a boat crew in attendance.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), which organizes the event, said it was a great opportunity for foreign guests to get a feel for the country.

“It is an amazing opportunity to see the country from all angles, to visit the Maldias islands, and have a taste of the best in the world,” said the IMO’s director general, Martin Dolan.

“This is the best way to make contact with people and learn about their cultures, and also to have the chance to meet them personally and share our culture and hospitality.”

The event was created by the IMOC in 2002 to showcase and connect international travelers and to show off the country’s natural beauty.

It attracts an international mix of visitors, with the focus on culture, hospitality and the sea.

The festival attracts more than 60,000 visitors a year, according to IMO.

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