It’s been a whirlwind season for the Italian octopus, with the species on the rise in the Mediterranean and the seas of Europe’s biggest country.

But with its first trip to Italy this weekend, the octopus is not only on a roll, but it’s also proving to be a huge hit with fans.

“This is our first trip out of Italy and we’re looking forward to a good time,” said Stefano Di Canio, owner of the popular L’Octopus restaurant in the town of Verona.

“I’ve never seen an octopus before, but I am sure it will be a great experience for everyone.”

The new species of octopus has become popular in recent years in Italy as it has been shown to be an effective tool in hunting predators, and as a tourist attraction.

But despite the popularity of the creature, it’s not yet known exactly how it lives its day-to-day life.

The octopus also has a reputation for being a social animal, with its social structure often based on the size of the group it lives with.

It is the first octopus to travel on a boat, but not on a tour boat.

The Octopus and the Dolphin”It’s the first time that we’ve done a tour, but we’ll do it again next year,” Mr Di Canios said.

“It will be amazing for people who see the octopuses and dolphins in the water.”

A trip to Verona is not the only tourist attraction to be set for a change this weekend.

A new wave of luxury cruise ships will depart from the port of Verone this weekend to the port city of L’Aquila, and to the city of Chianti, a town just outside the Mediterranean Sea.

“We will go to L’Acadie, a resort town in the middle of the sea,” said Giovanni Capasso, chief executive of the cruise line, which will sail from Porto Santo on Saturday.

“The cruise line wants to show its clients the new sea environment and to be at the forefront of innovation.”

“The trip will be full of excitement for us,” he said.

But the tour of Lago d’Ara is not without its own challenges, with only one of the ships carrying passengers.

The trip is set to be one of Italy’s biggest ever, with around 30,000 passengers expected to travel, according to the cruise operator.


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