A boat ride on the Hudson River in New York City on the eve of the presidential election, an evening on the beach in Miami with a romantic dinner with friends and a cruise in the Mediterranean, and a night in a hotel in Las Vegas for two people?

In fact, the itinerary for this year’s sailing season in New Jersey is all the same.

The Trump International yacht club has offered a six-day sail through the New Jersey coastline in 2019 for $2,000 a person.

That’s $1,200 per person for two.

That same year, the boat was sailing from Port Jefferson in the East Coast, where it is based, to New York Harbor for $1 and $3,000 per person, respectively.

The New York Daily News reported the boat had “a good time.”

The club did not return requests for comment.

While there are no details about what Trump’s boat is doing or where it will be sailing, we know that its owners, the Trump Organization, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Trump-branded properties around the country.

The club’s website says it will sail to Washington, D.C., on September 23 and is in discussions with hotels in Washington, DC and Philadelphia.

The club’s charter has a $3 million price tag, which does not include the cost of the yacht, the cost for the crew and the cost to sail the boat.

It is unclear what, if any, additional costs Trump has agreed to pay to his club for the Trump-owned property, which is listed on the yacht club’s official website.

Trump’s yacht is not the first boat owned by the Trump family to be used for campaign purposes.

The Trump Organization has sponsored Trump’s “Make America Great Again” tour since 2016, including trips to Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida.

That was before Trump’s campaign announced that he was running for president.

In January 2018, the New York Times reported that the Trump campaign had raised $2.5 million to support the tour, with a promise to spend the money on Trump family trips to the Great Lakes, a Trump golf course and Trump Tower.

The Daily News article said that the boat’s owners, David and Mary Jane Trump, did not respond to multiple requests for information.

The yacht tour was also announced as a possible campaign donation to the Republican National Committee.

It does not appear that Trump is making a direct donation to Trump.

The campaign did not reply to multiple emails seeking comment.

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