The United States is building warships and aircraft carriers at a record pace.

But with the pace of construction ramping up, and the Obama administration still reeling from the economic meltdown, there’s a growing question about whether the American military might actually be getting the job done.

On the eve of the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, here are six things to know about the construction of the U.S. Navy’s newest warships:1.

The ships are already underwayIn January, President Obama announced plans to add a new type of aircraft carrier to the fleet.

The USS Gerald R. Ford will be the fourth ship in the Navy’s long-range attack and strike submarine force.

The ship is scheduled to be commissioned in 2018.

“Today, America’s great military is building ships for future generations,” Obama said at the time.

“The Gerald R Ford is the first in the line of new, modern, and agile attack and combat submarines, and it is poised to deliver a new generation of the most modern attack and attack-survivable aircraft.

We will make this work and we will keep America safe.”

The Gerald Ford will replace the USS Nimitz, which was decommissioned in the late 1970s and retired in 2017.

The Nimitz had been the U,S.

S Independence, a carrier-based strike submarine with an anti-submarine warfare capability.

The Ford is expected to have a crew of more than 800 sailors, and will be larger than the Nimitz.

The Ford will have more than 600 feet of displacement, with an engine rated at 2,500 horsepower.

The first of the new Ford submarines is due to be launched in 2023.

The carrier is expected be completed by 2035.

The Gerald L. Ford, which is also being built by Huntington Ingalls Industries, is the largest submarine in the world.

The warship is capable of launching the USS Gerald D. Ford and USS Gerald F. Ford submarines.

The U.N. Trident submarine is a highly capable submarine that is designed to patrol the oceans, as well as operate in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

It was decomissioned in 2013 and has been in storage for the past decade.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, which will be renamed the USS Theodore B. Wells, is a nuclear-powered attack submarine that has been the mainstay of the Navy since its construction in the early 1960s.

The Theodore Roosevelt will have a new submarine, the USS Harry S. Truman, which can carry up to five nuclear-capable missiles.

The Truman was decommed in 2007.

The Theodore Roosevelt was the first U.,S., nuclear-armed attack submarine to be built.

It has a crew complement of about 1,500 sailors, with the first ship in that class scheduled to begin commissioning in 2019.

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