From the moment the Titanic sank in 1912, everyone who ever sailed on the world’s first transatlantic voyage was aware of the ship’s perilous nature.

A series of devastating events and the resulting deaths of millions of people in the ensuing years meant that the first trans-Atlantic voyage would have to be abandoned.

A total of 10 vessels sailed that first trip in 1912; of these, only two ever made it to the bottom of the Atlantic.

With the advent of the modern day Titanic, that era is coming to an end, and there’s an entire series of 3D voyages dedicated to the tragedy that never happened.

In the wake of the sinking, the Titanic Museum in Southampton, England, opened a permanent exhibition to the public, featuring a number of 3-D recreations of the wrecked ship.

And while some of the models were used for public displays, others were built for the Titanic’s own museum, where visitors could get to grips with the iconic vessel.

Here are some of our favorite 3D photos of the wreck.1.

A 3D replica of the main shipwreckThe shipwreck in Southampton was one of the first 3D works to be built.

In 2004, the Southampton Titanic Museum opened the 3D Titanic exhibition.

The museum’s 3D model of the original shipwreck was built to show the scale of the tragedy, and the museum’s curator, Paul Tait, said the museum was inspired by the Titanic itself.

“The Titanic was built for that moment, and it’s now the biggest shipwreck on the planet, and one of its last great works of art,” Tait told the BBC.

“This is one of our biggest works of science fiction.”

The museum also built an underwater model of one of a number 3D ships, which it called the Nautilus, for the museum.

The museum’s main attraction was the replica of a lifeboat that sank in the ocean after the Titanic went down.

Built in 2010, the Nautsail was one to which visitors could strap a 3D 3D viewer and watch it move as it was pulled into the sea.2.

A submarine, a submarine and a submarine 2.

A 2D version of the lifeboat model in Southampton3.

A view of the Nantucket submarine4.

A close-up of the boat’s hull5.

A closer look at the ship7.

A photo of a submarine underwater8.

A tour of a small submarine9.

The submarine’s hull in Southampton10.

A look inside the lifeboats11.

A video of the submarine underwater12.

A shipwreck photo from the museum13.

A live 3D view of a sunken submarine14.

A glimpse into the submarine’s bow15.

A model of a damaged submarine16.

A visit to the submarine museum17.

A boat’s lifeboat18.

A dive into the ocean19.

A crew member taking a deep breath underwater2.

3D images of a shipwreck model3.

An underwater view of what was once the Nunsail boat20.

A 4D version for a tour of another submarine21.

A 5D model for a 3-d submarine tour22.

An aerial view of another sunken ship23.

An image of the sunken boat24.

A shot of the interior of a Nautolux boat25.

A replica of an underwater ship, one of only six of the six surviving ships built at the time3.

One of the four Nautols that sank during the sinking26.

A full view of an original submarine with its propellers and engines27.

A 360-degree view of two submarines underwater28.

An example of the 3-dimensional model of an actual ship29.

A three-dimensional view of one 3D submarine30.

A real life submarine with a life jacket31.

An interior view of some of Titanic’s lifeboats32.

A mock-up 3D image of an unfinished submarine33.

A recreation of the hull of the final Nautlunlux boat.34.

A scene from an early-stage 3D simulation of the “Crown of the Sun” (a replica of Titanic)35.

A large scale model of another Nautlon with an open side36.

A scale model and an interior view.37.

A simulated 3D recreation of a boat sinking on the Thames, showing a portion of the riverbank that was damaged in the collision40.

A simulation of a wreck in the Atlantic41.

An interactive 3D tour of some Titanic-related sites42.

A demonstration of 3DTool, a 3d model of what is believed to be a life-raft that sank at the bottom43.

An extended underwater view showing how the submarine hull was constructed44.

A reconstruction of a real life lifeboat.45.

A virtual tour of an old submarine, showing the submarine was towed in by tugboats to the surface.46.

A small 3D depiction of an

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