Dubai is a hub for yachts and boats, with several of the world’s largest yachting cruises taking place in the city.

With the exception of the luxury and luxury-class yachties, these include the iconic Rival and the luxury yacht Rival V, as well as a number of smaller, more affordable yachters such as the luxury- and luxury boats Club Monaco and the smaller luxury-and luxury-model Yacht Club Monaco.

Here’s what to expect on the city’s newest boat tours.1.

Club Monaco’s Yacht Tour A new yacht-themed yacht tour in Dubai takes place every Friday and Saturday.

This yacht-tour takes you from the Marina Bayfront to the Grand Hyatt Marina.

The tour includes tours of the Marina, the Grand Canal, the Marina Beach Club, the Club Monaco Marina and the Marina Waterfront, as part of the Grand Tour of the Gulf.

Tickets are available for only $100,000 (£60,000).

There are also additional tours available for just $100 (£58).

The tour begins with a visit to the Marina’s Grand Canal where you can enjoy a lunch or a cocktail.

Then you head down to the club’s Marina Beach, where you’ll board a private yacht and experience its unique lifestyle.

You can then board a yacht cruise from there.

Tickets for this yacht tour are available at the Marina for only the maximum of $100.2.

The Club Monaco Yacht Cruise This is the Club’s latest yacht-related venture and it took place in 2016.

You will take a private boat on the club yacht tour to the Club Grand Canal and then sail out to the Gulf of Oman to the Dubai Marina for a yacht tour.

Tickets range from $30,000 to $50,000.3.

Club Club Monaco This is a more affordable, smaller yacht tour for the less adventurous.

You’ll sail from the Club Marina to the Sheikh Zayed Marine Park for a short stay.

Tickets vary from $10,000 and up.4.

Club Ocean Club Ocean is another private yacht-type boat tour.

It’s also a less expensive boat tour than Club Monaco, but is considerably less crowded.

The yacht tour starts at the Club Marine Park, where the boat takes you to the top of the island where you will experience the stunning views of the Dubai skyline.

Then it heads down to Marina Bay in the Grand Central Marina.

Tickets cost from $20,000 up to $30-40,000, depending on the length of your stay.5.

The Yacht Dubai Tour This yacht tour was launched in 2018, but will be the last one to take place in Dubai.

The boat is also available for less than $100 per person.6.

The Royal Yacht Harbour The Royal yacht tour is also a little less expensive than Club Club, but the Royal Yachtship Harbour is the most popular of the yacht tours, with guests being able to take a yacht to the Emirates Marina for $10.

The royal yacht tour includes an afternoon tea, lunch, dinner and a yacht excursion to the famous Royal Yak-Yacht Harbour.

It starts from the Royal Marina, and it is about 15 minutes from the Dubai International Airport.

Tickets to this yacht cruise are $40-50, depending how long you stay.7.

The Grand Hyat Hotel Royal Hotel Dubai Marina Bay and Dubai Marina Water will be available for guests from $100 each for this luxurious yacht-style yacht tour tour.8.

The Great Yacht Festival The GreatYacht Festival is an annual event that takes place from January to May, where visitors can take a boat tour to some of the citys most popular yachty parks and boats for free.

This boat tour takes you through the water of the Great Yachting Festival Marina Bay Park.

It also takes you into the GreatYachting Park’s Marina and Waterfront.

There are additional yacht-and-boat tours available, and you can also enjoy the city with a yacht.

The total cost for all the yacht- and boat-tours is $180.9.

The World’s Largest Yacht tour The yacht-focused yacht tour of Dubai begins with the yacht Club Monaco in 2017.

It was a $50-million venture with the Royal family that took place between 2014 and 2016.

Now, it’s the worlds largest yacht tour taking place, taking you from Marina Bay to the world famous Dubai Marina.

You also can sail to the World’s Best Yacht Marina, which is located in the Marina.10.

Dubai’s Next Great YathletourThe next Great Yasht Tour of Dubai is the Dubai-based Great Yacha Tour.

It will take you through some of Dubai’s most popular and famous yachter parks and waterways.

It is $100-150 per person for this tour, which will take place from the time of the boat tour at 11

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