What’s a yacht video tour?

For starters, it’s not about the yacht.

It’s about the crew, and the people on the boat.

What makes a good video crew?

For one thing, it must be talented.

A yacht video crew must have an in-house crew, be on-board, and have the right attitude.

It also must be prepared to be on the go.

So, here are the essential tips for a great video crew: Be on-call.

You can’t have a crew on-scene when there’s an emergency.

So it’s important to get onboard and be prepared for an emergency on the yacht, too.

Know the boat and its layout.

A great yacht video needs to be at least 10-20 minutes in length, so it needs to give you an idea of where to go.

The longer you go, the more information you’ll need about what to expect.

The crew must also know what to do with the footage.

Do you want the crew to stand around in a circle in a dark room, or can they jump on the camera?

Is it okay to go on the phone, in the middle of a scene, and not show your face?

Plan your route ahead of time.

You can plan your trip beforehand, but it’s much easier to have a plan for the whole trip.

The more you plan ahead, the less stress you’ll feel on the day of the adventure.

Get a crew that you can trust.

You may not want to hire a crew with a history of poor quality or having bad attitudes, but they’ll do your trip and show up with a good attitude.

You don’t want a crew you can’t trust.

Bring a crew member along for the trip.

You’ll need someone to be the guide, and to be your eyes and ears on the ship.

But you can also hire someone to help you plan the journey.

Take a photo of your adventure on the onboard camera.

You might not want a live video shot, but you’ll be able to show it to your family and friends and you’ll show off the trip to your kids.

Make sure you can share the boat with your crew.

This means not only bringing them aboard the boat, but also keeping them in contact with your phone.

That way, if you lose your phone, you can still see your crew members when they return to the boat after the adventure is over.

Set the pace.

Make sure the crew is on-task.

The faster you go and the longer you take, the faster you’ll lose track of the pace of the journey and it will get frustrating.

And if you’re not able to do your best, your boat will lose momentum.

So, plan ahead to make sure your crew knows exactly where to get in and out of the boat as well as how fast you need to go to get the camera ready for a photo.

It might seem easy, but the more you make your plans, the better you’ll see what you’re doing.

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