Yachts are a common sight in Italy, but it is a rare treat for the small one.

There are, of course, many different ways to get the chance to sail with your very own boat.

Some sail the length of the country, others are less than a kilometre long, some are as short as a half-hour, some have just the slightest hint of an engine, and a few even have a boat propeller.

But for a few, there is one boat you can trust: the sunseeker.

And with its long, wooden hull, its wooden hull and its stern, it is also a very well-known sight on Italian shores.

And so we set out to find out the best ways to have a sunseekers’ day in Italy.

First, a brief overview of the boats and their capabilities.

The sunseker is a four-masted, two-decked sailing boat of about 20 metres in length.

This is a very good boat to use for small one day trips.

If you want to sail a bit longer than this, you can use the sun seeker.

The main cabin is located on the stern, on the left side of the boat.

You will find the main cabin, with a kitchen, dining and a galley.

The boat is very well kept and well kept up with a large and spacious storage space.

A very large wooden galley is also located on board.

It is a small but very comfortable galley and you can also have a large flat screen TV for watching TV on your deck.

A number of solar panels are located in the cabin, along with a fridge and a washing machine.

You can also enjoy a bath in the sun deck, and have an early morning breakfast on the deck, on your own or with a friend.

You also get a comfortable berth for your boat, so if you have a small crew, you won’t be sleeping in your own cabin, but in the captain’s cabin or in the galley on the sundeck.

There is a well-appointed and modern kitchen, with an en suite bathroom, as well as a bath and toilet.

There also are two small dining tables.

There’s also a kitchen sink, with sinks in the aft and forward parts of the hull.

You get a washing tub, with soap and shampoo.

There isn’t much to it.

The captain’s berth is a spacious berth with a shower, a shower stall, a TV and even a coffee table.

The galley has a shower and a washbasin.

The salon is very spacious, with all the modern facilities you would expect, including a TV, a television remote and a sofa.

There will be a large TV and a fridge on board, which is also on the starboard side of your vessel.

A small television, a small refrigerator and a coffee maker are also onboard.

You’ll also get an electric power-operated washing machine, which will make it easy to get into the washing process.

You may also have access to the kitchenette, which has a microwave, an oven, a washing basket and a small coffee table and a refrigerator, for making meals.

If your vessel is bigger than 20 metres, you will also have the option of taking the sunsseeker on a small charter, which allows you to sail from the port of Venice to the city of Rome.

However, there are only a limited number of charter sunseakers.

The boats are often rented by private companies.

In fact, you are often asked to sail them yourself for free, but this is quite expensive, as the company will require that you pay for the boat itself.

This also applies to charter sunseekers.

If the sunseekers’ charter is about 30 metres long, it may be possible to rent the boat yourself.

If it’s a smaller vessel, you’ll have to book a small yacht tour with the yacht club of the town where you plan to sail, as this is not a common option.

For this, the charter sunsender should be a good choice for a one-night boat tour.

A private yacht tour of the sun seeker is also possible.

If a charter sunseser is rented for a smaller yacht tour that takes place on a daily basis, it will cost around €50,000 (around €30,000 if the charter boat is of the same length).

The charter sunseyers’ charter costs around €10,000 per day.

A yacht charter will cost you around €80,000, and will take about four days.

You should also take into account that a sunseyeker is not the only vessel on the water.

You need to consider that, if you take the sunseyeks boat out to sea, you need to make sure it is not carrying cargo or food, as there will be some passengers onboard.

Therefore, a large number of sunse

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